Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Right Place, Wrong Person?

Glance through these names..Steve Nicol, Rob Jones, Jason MacAteer, Markus Babbel, Jamie Carragher, Rigobert Song, Alvaro Arbeloa and Phillip Degen.
Except for Degen, the rest cemented their place in Liverpool folklore by playing in rightback position at one time or another.

The only odd one out? The answer is....

Rigobert Song. He was the only black player to wear Liverpool's famous red and he was a flop.
Not worth mentioning here.

Enter Glen Johnson (pic), who reportedly will sign for us in a few days time.
Considering the fate of Song whose cousin is plying his trade for the Gunners, black players generally do not do well in that position for Liverpool. Thus, do we rejoice or what?
Glen Johnson with his attacking prowess, sadly is not known for his defensive qualities.Going forward yes, but going backward? He seems awkward backtracking his tormentors.
Had Kazakhstan player a little sharper in front of the goal during opening minutes of the tie between the Lions and the Kazakhs, Johnson would have been massacred by the press for his absent minded defending.

Arbeloa for his all defensive qualities is not that great going forward. His crosses were a little suspect but he provides stability in the backline and also can play in different positions be it in the center or to the left. Remember Messi anyone?
Arbeloa, seems likely to go back to Spain or spend time in the bench next season with the impending arrival of Johnson who's also courted by Chelsit.

Johnson or Arbeloa?
Johnson could be playing in the right position but is he the right person?
Song was sold for a song then. What about Johnson?

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Best There Is

I know, I know...I have neglected my blog. Truth is, I'm still heartbroken. Case of so near yet so far.
It took some cajoling from an armchair sportsman to revive my interest.'s off season now and some are resorting to write political story just to kill time. Me, I did nothing.
Ronaldo was shipped out by SAF. Kaka left the fashion capital too for Los Blancos.
Who cares anyway? Galacticos or no, they will take some time to gel and could be in loggerheads with each other.

Next season will be our 20th without EPL title. It's been too long and I'm sure someday we would win it again. Next season perhaps? What is MU without CR7? That is 20 over goals short from their tally for they too relied on CR7 to provide some magic when the chips are down.

But we still have SG and FT. In my eyes, the latter is the best striker there is at this moment. Evidenced from his goals last night for Spain, there could not be many arguments about that.
He's the best there is and he'll bring back the title to Anfield after the lapse of 20 years.

Mark my word.