Saturday, September 27, 2008

Derby Delight

There's only 1 club in Merseyside and small club is not accounted for. Yup..the only club is Liverpool and how they magnificently painted the town red.

The colour of the money is RED tonight. Liverpool annihilated Everton, their neighbour, pounding them from start to finish. Total domination...that Pepe Reina was not required to make a single save all game.

Form is temporary, class is permanent. Torres without a goal in previous 6 games, burst into life tonight with 2 well taken goals to silence the blue half of Goodison Park.

The Torres of old is now back with vengeance. Phew...what a goal can do to a striker's confidence, PSV must shivering in their pants watching the Anfield's favorite tore Everton to shreds.

It's a satisfying win, I sign off with a rendering of official anthem, YNWA.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dream be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shooting Boots

Sure, Liverpool have a scoring problem these days for Stoke have scored more than Liverpool.
Stoke? Funny but it's true.

I got a funny feeling these days, whenever Torres is paired with Keane. Dunno...but it seems Torres is not his usual deadly self when playing with Keano. Just look at Stoke game the other day, how on earth could he missed those chances. A header and a loose ball all ended in the terrace.
I bet last year that would end up in the net.

Last year, he was a focal point in our attack ably supported by Gerrard. Between them, they scored countless goals. He even end up as highest ever foreign goalscorer in a debut season eclipsing Ruud Van Nistelrooy's record of 23 goals. Fast forward to this ongoing season, only 1 goal in all competition.

2nd season syndrome? or defenders getting wiser?
Certainly he is not a 1 season wonder, is he? No, he is not. 100%.

I like to believe that lack of pre season and injuries got the better of him for now.
And that partnership with Keane? The logical explanation would be that Keane arrived late, so close to transfer deadline to foster a deadly understanding with Torres. Yes, this was apparent in all the games they both played together thus far.

OK, Keane is a prolific player in his own right. The stats at Spurs was amazing and that's the reason Rafa parted company with huge money to get him.
We, the loyal fan, of course never expected this dry run. Tried hard he was but the goal isn't coming. Seems luck is deserting him and also Torres.

So when is he going to break the duck?

Toffee Topping

The Blues aka the Toffees will entertain Liverpool at Goodison Park this Saturday 7.45, nice timing...right after iftar.

The 1st Merseyside derby of the season...and yes, Mersey derby is much anticipated game everywhere, not least in our Bolehland.

Why? It usually brings out the best from both teams making it a spectacle. Bragging rights, you know.

Last season was no different, Everton had 2 players evicted while SG was subbed by Rafa.

Liverpool won 2-1 at the end, both goals via penalties.....surprise...suprise...both were converted by Dirk Kuyt. Maybe he got cursed by the small club's fan so much so he forgot to wear his shooting boots since then, in BPL at least. The return leg was also keenly contested, decided only by Torres' goal.
These 2 clubs share many similarities. They share the same town in Liverpool, both also very successful in the 80's when Andy Gray, Graeme Sharp, Pat Ratcliffe, Neville Southall starred for the Blues while Liverpool paraded their best ever side containing Rush, Dalglish, Aldridge, Beardsley, Barnes, Macca, Wark, Hansen, Whelan and many unforgettable others.

The other peculiar similarity? Yes...both clubs are high on booze, both are sponsored by beer making companies, Carlsberg and Chang. Talking about sinful clubs.
Replica jerseys? Classic design but nah...I'll pass it, rather keep my Crown Paints sponsored jersey in mint condition.

Everton got dumped out from Carling this morning by Rovers making them a wounded lion.They could be dangerous, playing for pride. Expect another fiery affair. Expect flurry of cards too.

Guys, what say you? First red card goes to........?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crewe Screwed

Liverpool just edged Crewe 2-1, only just.

By the Reds high standard, it was workmanlike, not fantastic.

And our best player for the night? Surprise...surprise, it was Pennant. Yeah...he wreaked havoc all night supported by Degen on the right flank...and fittingly it was his cross that was met by Lucas to net the winner.

Pennant to start against Everton? I've always clamoured for his inclusion over striker cum wideman cum midfielder Kuyt in the side. For me, he's a natural winger.
Kuyt's best position? Nobody knows for now. He's being played out of position by Rafa, his only excuse for not scoring enough goals. Readily made for him.

The only problem is Pennant is not consistent. He excels in a game then flopped badly the next.
All summer Rafa went for a search for a leftie, got Riera instead of Barry...but a right winger?
He didn't sell Pennant though there were interested parties but he didn't play him either.
Puzzled? and he sticks with Kuyt for now it seems.

Agger? His left leg packs a punch for sure...and he scored tonight, as if to show what we missed against Stoke. Yes, he would made a difference against a parked bus side. Sure, Skrtel and Carra were magnificent but scoring goals was never a plus point in their impressive CV and Skrtel was like another midfielder the other day.
Because Stoke never threatened us and Agger should have played. At least he's another potent weapon to unlock rigid defence Stoke were. If only we can get into Rafa's head.

OK...we won...the plus point is that the reserves will give Rafa another selection headache for Everton's game. Hope he picks the right one.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dickhead Dirk

Read LFC news alert just now, and there you are...of all people, Dirk Kuyt spoke of his frustration of Liverpool's failure yesterday.

He said "We had a lot of possession and created a lot of chances but at the end of the day you have to score goals to win matches."

Woi Kuyt, are you telling that to yourself or what? I hope you are coz every sane mind out there knows it, and you're the biggest culprit. And you had the cheek to shout about scoring goals?
When was your last goal? Almost a year ago, you dickhead and that too, a fluke against Newcastle.

I've ran out of expletives to describe my ill feelings about you. My advice, go and enrol yourself in shooting practice class. Upon graduation, you may comeback to entertain us again failing which, you are most welcomed to embrace Martin Jol as reported. Nobody will miss your face.

Pressed further he came out with a cute one.

"The goals will come for Fernando and Robbie," he said. "We have no worries. They will score goals."

And what about you? Aren't you a striker whose job is to score goals?

There you are again, not only pathetic but stupid as well.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stoke Shocker

Anything but vintage tonight

20 corners and no goal to show for it. How's that? Disappointing to say the least after a good week, beating MU and OM in the process. Disappointing? It's too modest I guess. I can find many other sarcastic words to define Liverpool's jaded performance today.

Well...if you cannot beat Stoke, might as well forget about title dreams for now.
They came with a bus parked in front of their goal but Liverpool just cannot find their way in.

Chances were a plenty, nobody took it. Kuyt, Torres, Keane and the normally dependable Gerrard were off colours. I've mentioned it before, width is utmost important but Liverpool started with Kuyt on the right. Kuyt? This is not CL where he normally excels. Kuyt on the right is akin to Rooney in wide position for MU. You'll get nothing.

This Dutchman doesn't belong to Liverpool first team. He doesn't score since December last year, possesses poor first touch and everything but class.....and yet Rafa still believes in him.
A striker without a goal? Mr Rafa, send him to the scrapheaps please.

What is Pennnant doing? If he isn't good enough, why keep him in the squad. Why not play him then on the right wing and demote Kuyt to the bench? Rafa has a lot to answer, this time his tactical nous and credibility certainly can be questioned. He could have started the game with flair players, Babel and Benayoun to unlock a rigid defence of Stoke but he chose Kuyt instead.
I'm tired of this Kuyt really...he's pathetic. When Torres and Gerrard do not score, no one else does. This is Liverpool's biggest problem, solve it and you are in with a title shout. Else, just watch MU or Chelsea to fight among them.

The referee? Andre Marriner certainly has a beef against Liverpool. Last year, he gave a penalty for Reading outside the penalty box and condemned Liverpool to their first defeat and today he cancelled out a valid SG's goal. Explanation anyone?

Nothing went right today...and with it, a supposedly good weekend for me goes out of window. Many others too, I'm sure.

It's a terrible disappointment and Kuyt, please get out of my sight. I'm sick of you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Going Potters

Dunno much about Stoke City, except that Rory Delap plays for them.
Hey...they have just got promoted this season but evidenced from BPL highlights, they are certainly no pushover either...certainly better than Derby.

Their main weapon...long throws usually taken by Delap similar to Kedah's Adrien Jurad Chamrong (where's he now). They have big forwards who excel in the air...Ricardo Fuller comes to mind thus the long throws become effective. Everton, the blue half of Merseyside almost capitulated last week if not for the brilliance of Aussie Tim Cahill.
OK....they did beat Aston Villa, so it ain't so bad from a supposedly whipping boys.

But it's Anfield tomorrow and Stoke could go into defense all night. Occasionally, they will venture out and try their luck through set pieces(read long throws).
Rafa has to go for variations to pierce their parked bus (a term made popular by Jose Mourinho). Width is utmost important so Riera has to start to provide crosses aided by flying wingbacks Aurelio or Dossena. Going through the middle could unstuck the Red's plan as they have big centrehalves, Crouchie is long gone to win those aerial duels.

Hope Alonso is fielded to dictate terms, spray passes all over, make Stoke chasing shadows. Masch is not needed to provide defensive cover against a side like Stoke. Carra and Skrtel are good enough to hold their own fort without Masch.

Go on offensive and see whether Stoke can cope with our brilliance. (see also pic)

3 points is a must, anything else will be a disaster.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wasteful Babel

On Saturday he was our hero.

Last night, he squandered 3 glorious chances to bury OM.
  1. He spun and blazed over the bar before OM's goal.
  2. The save from Mandanda (pic)
  3. When clear, he scuffed his shot and hit the woodwork later on.
He is not consistent, tend to smash every shot instead of a placement. Sometimes power is not everything. He has to learn fast, he's in 2nd season already. Now, he's got Riera as direct competitor for the left wing spot. No 2 for example, he could have dink, left Mandanda sprawling and just nod in from a few yards out..... and yet he just whacked it, only for Mandanda to save it albeit luckily.

Admittedly, Liverpool were below their standard last night. Had it not for Niang's profligacy in front of goal, Liverpool must be walking back to Anfield with their tails wagging in between their legs. The unbeaten run was prolonged only by the skin of their teeth.

For the entire 2nd half, the team was pinned back, passes went astray and put themselves under severe pressure unnecessarily. Luckily, the defense time and again were solid and Reina was awesome.
Masch was great but only sporadically while Lucas was neither there nor here.

Torres was eerily quiet, his lay off did make him rusty. His moves now are easily read by opposing defenders making him sometimes look ordinary.

There you are, improve we must if the Reds are to be considered as genuine title contenders.

"A swallow does not make a summer"

Mauling of Marseille

Typical European away performance, hit and run stuff.

Yeahhh.....another ordinary display, another win.

Liverpool 2-1 Marseille, helped by SG's brace after OM took the lead.
SG then took over the show, first with a swerving 25m shot and then a twice taken penalty after Saturday's hero, Babel was brought down.

After that, Liverpool were happy to play on the counter,letting OM to do all probing. Masch and Torres were very quiet, understandably after an exhausting MU game 4 days ago.

Ohhh that save from Mandanda from Babel...his hands must be made of steel...the sheer force it was struck can easily dent a Proton...haha.

Elsewhere, Atletico also recorded an impressive 3-0 away at PSV. Looks like they are our major competitor for the group leading spot.

Next, home game against PSV 2 weeks away. 3 points in the bag...surely.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

French Resistance

The Reds open their account in Champions League early Wed morning away to Marseille.
This is not an unknown opposition. Last season, they were also paired together.

Marseille upset the form book at Anfield by winning 1-0 before the Reds mauled them away 4-0 in the return leg.
Both teams have added new players notably Hatem Ben Arfa for L'OM and Robbie Keane for Liverpool. Former Reds Djibril Cisse (pic) is currently loaned out to Sunderland. Not that anybody will notice his absence though! Maybe his hair style rather his finishing.
Saturday's win over MU was massive, hope the boys would not get carried away. Talking about being confident....I know confidence is sky high and that only will result in a good performance at Stade Velodrome and surely, some goals too.

I think Rafa will start with Saturday's first eleven before gradually introducing SG and FT into the game. No cause for concern here, we won without these 2, didn't we? ermmm as long Masch is there to kick some what massive influence this guy has for the Reds.

I'm going for an easy 2-0 win for Liverpool.

'Droit Au But' means Straight to Goal but whose goal?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Buzzing Babel

MU who?

Couldn't imagine how Anfield is rocking right now!!!!!

Watched by the much maligned Yanks owner, George Gillett, Liverpool produced a mighty performance to beat MU 2-1. Best performance of the season so far, without doubt.

At last, after 9 attempts, Rafa got it right this time. Deprived of Gerrard and Torres' services, the lads gave their all and simply blew MU off the park in the 2nd half.
MU took the lead thru Carloz Tevez as early as 4th minutes. How can Masch, so often the saviour didn't check his run? Perplexing, I'd say.

Van Der Sar gifted the equaliser and then Babel, on for debutant Riera scored the winning goal after some good work from the right by Masch and Kuyt.
Admittedly, he miscued his shot but fortunately the ball bounced over Ferdinand and Vidic.

Overall, it was solid stuff from all the players. Kuyt as usual missed a glorious chance to cement Liverpool's authority late on while leading. Keane tried too hard but to no avail, I'm sure he'll get one soon.
Riera justified his salary, few back heels here and there.

Need I say more? Nah...I'll savour the moment for now. Sweet....

Bring on Olympique Marseille next week!!!!!

Go on Reds

The Big Day

It's the mother of all day.

7.45 pm, just after 'buka posa'.

Both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are declared fit to start after all while Berbatov should make his debut for MU.
Ingredients for another fiery affair.

It's the comfort of my living room again tonight as opposed to cafes last time out.
Praying for a miracle....

C'mon you Reds!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Countdown Part 3

Tomorrow 7.45 p.m.

It's the biggest derby in the world, Liverpool against arch nemesis Manchester United.

Past record in the last 4 seasons read like this- 7 wins and a MU of course.
On current form, Liverpool will start as the underdog...ahh who cares about the form book. It will be do or die match, no less.
Game like this so early in the season, wonder what effect will rub off for both teams. Massive I guess.

No news yet on the fitness of star duo, Gerrard and Torres. I'd like to see Riera on the left side.
Touted as classical winger who gets to byline to deliver pinpoint crosses, he'll be exciting to watch. Well....if all said about him are true of course...if not we could be looking at another Mark Gonzalez, the Chilean who failed to impress in his short stay at Anfield.
Hope, Riera is not just hot air.

Although the record is bad, truth is Liverpool dominated many games but failed to stamp a goal despite superior possession. In the end, it was MU who prevailed times and again.

Our day tomorrow?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool King Cole Part 3

The sight of Joe Cole lying motionless on the pitch was the defining moment of the Croatia-England match last night.

Blood gushing from his head after being elbowed by Robert Kovac in an aerial duel. Kovac...ohh must be intentionally, this guy is a known moron anyway. Got his deservedly marching orders and left his team a man short.

England were leading 1-0 with 35 minutes to play and immediately, Theo got his 2nd goal against 10 man Croatia. Rooney added another before Walcott sealed his hat-trick.

Had Kovac stayed on, do you seriously think England can score again let alone scoring 4 goals?.

Hold your temptation to label England as favorite, many times did this happen before only flatter to deceive in the end. It is still a long way to South Africa, yet admittedly England started on a sound footing.

Oh Theo

It'3 OK

Don Fabio must be knighted by Queen E....on the evidence of Zagreb massacre a few hours ago. Croatia who did the double over England in Euro 2008 qualifiers were blown off the park by Arsenal's prodigy, Theo Walcott.

Theo scored his first international goals and his first hat trick as well. Awesome.....but it's Don Fabio who must be applauded. He is bold, preferring Theo over the 2 Davids, Beckham and Bentley.
And Theo justified his inclusion by scoring a hat trick!

That's the way forward. Youngsters over aging stars. England have many waiting in the wings, Agbonlahor, Ashley Young to name a few.
While McClaren and Erikkson were afraid to blood emerging talents during their reign, this Italian stallion is a new breed of animal. He is brave and his bold moves paid dividend.

Trafalgar Square must be rocking now...ohh poor Beckham, he is only fit for a brief cameo.
Maybe it's time to say adios and go back to posh LA and retires for good.

England have a new IDOL!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Countdown Part 2

3 days to go to the biggest derby in the world.

Each day is important as star players, SG and FT are facing a race against time to be fit to face the auld-enemy, MU on Saturday.

And I have a good news........
Yes, FT is reportedly ready to unleash the beast in him having responded well to treatment.
Initially feared to miss 2-3 weeks, it is very likely now that Rafa will be able to use his services upfront. Too soon for SG, hope he will be ready for OM in CL.

Tactics? It's a home game and MU is not all rosy at the moment.
So it will 4-4-2 for me if FT on the side. Rafa, take the initiative, go for a win and don't play not to lose, will ya.
If not, play 4-5-1 and do not ever play Keano on the left again. have other left sided players and and you asked them to warm their ass.

It is mind boggling, ooohh I forgot.... it's Rafalution!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Countdown

Yeah....I'm not talking about the Year of the Frogs here. That's another matter....maybe for Syed Nadzri to predict...again?
For the record, it is Liverpool against Manchester United at Anfield on Sept 13th. Saturday the 13th....

In corresponding fixture last season, we lost 0-1 after dominating much part of the game...only to be floored by a sucker punch delivered by that ugly man, Carlos Tevez. I wonder if he's not a footballer, he certainly has the look to act in one of those B-grade horror movies, move over Freddie, Carlos is here to take over your mantle....nuff of that.

Heard that SG won't be playing...what no SG? no Torres? against MU?
How's that for an epic encounter?

Sure a bleak one, isn't it? Guess with the enforced absence of the duo, a draw would be something. Play 4-5-1, pack the midfield and play Keano upfront on his own. Riera on the left, and for God sake Rafa, go and buy a proper right winger. Kuyt, as industrious as he is, just doesn't cut it as a right sided midfielder. Never liked him though. He's that arkward, clumsy type.

Defensively, we are OK. Skrtel and Carra had been rock solid thus far...wish these 2 could score more in a set piece ala Terry and Ferdinand. Hey... Skrtel did score for his country the other day...lucky maybe? Old Sammi certainly scored more...gee how I wish he's younger.

I'm not optimistic about our chances this weekend...but who knows? As they say ' BOLA TU BULAT'...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cool King Cole Part 2

(WC South Africa 2010 Qualifying Games)

Joe Cole 2-0 Andorra

Chelsea's Joe Cole scored a brace for England against tiny nation, Andorra in Barcelona a few hours ago.

That's the ONLY highlight of the match. Dull, awfully BORING!!!!!!

Lucky, no Liverpool player was involved in the shameful act.

Luckier, only watched the 2nd half when both goals were scored.

Luckiest, Benayoun and Skrtel scored somewhere else.

What about France? Go and check HERE. This French guy could have the answer!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lavender Fresh

(Liverpool of yesteryear's, Macca still got his crowning glory)

Whenever possible (on big matches only), my LFC buddies (Imran & Shahreel of SC) and I would go to All Stars Sports Cafe, MV to clear our throats, shouting on top of our voice for the Reds.
Sadly..we're losing every time we went there, so much so we've stopped frequenting the joint. It's back to the comfort of our respective living room for now.

Another push factor....we were outnumbered by MU fans, especially the young ones. Ahhh...the need to be associated with the latest craze, the champions, the in thing....that is Manchester United...why suddenly the urge to puke?
Mamat Liverpool said it's a GENERATION thing. I tend to agree with him.

Well, all things's been a long time since the Reds were crowned as Kings of EPL (see pic). Rick Parry too is a shame..he forgets on commercialization aspect of the club in Asian continent...anyone ever saw LFC online store in Asia except Tokyo? MU did open up their stores in KL and folded...obviously they didn't know Malaysia is Liverpool's last bastion.

So...the support dwindled, ermm..much like a certain political party huh. LFC have lost the battle for Gen X or is it Y, leaving those in their 30's and above as stalwarts.
Thankfully, all is not lost though.
When Mamat Liverpool stumbled upon a gem, a 16 year old school-going lass going gaga over all things Liverpool, at least the GENERATION thing could be a misconception.
Go and support the kiddo HERE.

It's as fresh as lavender.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Asian Liverbird

There's a new book hitting the shelves of bookstores across the world and the title is aptly named " Asian Liverbird".

It is written by a British Asian, Mohammed Bhana, a lifelong Liverpool fan. The book explores why immigrants mainly from Indian subcontinent in 60's and 70's chose LFC upon reaching British shores, and why their offsprings, grandchildren included still wearing the famous red jersey till today.

The fever was and is mainly attributed to one man, Bill Shankly, the former Liverpool manager.

"Shankly didn't care about the colour of your skin, or what your name was, he just wanted the club to conquer the whole world" one fan quoted as saying.

Well Mr. Bhana, we Malaysians loved Liverpool all the same. Dulu, kini dan selamanya!
It transcends all barriers, races and religions. Read other LFC related blogs HERE and HERE

I'm sure you'll get it, how much we loved we declared our unbridled support here in Malaysia.

Simply, we are the biggest club in the whole wide world. MU who?

Geordie Tragedy

Kevin Keegan has officially resigned from Newcastle, ending his 8 month tenure in charge at St. James' Park.
Now, he's truly gone! Irreconcilable differences for a marriage made in hell, was the reason.
Try as hard as they may, the conclusion is clear for all to see.

In a stand-off between owner and manager, there's only 1 clear winner. Jose Mourinho, although he brought 2 titles to the Bridge was forced to eat the humble pie, then Alan Curbishley and now it's King Kev's turn. It doesn't pay to bite the hands that feed you!

Once a Kop favorite, KK was never a brilliant manager contrary to his playing days. Stints at Newcastle, Fulham, England, Manc City and Newcastle again never brought any silverware.
Goals galore and porous defense were his playing theme. Sexy football but unsafe sex (as in football terms of coz) undermined his managing career.
OK, he was once very close to land a title for the Toon's Army but was pipped to the line by Sir Alex, surrendering 12 points lead in the process....but other than that....ZILCH.

I'll never miss him though...ermmm I'm not a Geordie, of coz I won't.

Who's next?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Curbs Curbed

The limelight is on Kevin Keegan but it was Alan Curbishley, the West Ham manager who became the first managerial casualty of the new EPL season 2008/09.
No one saw it coming though.
Curbishley, affectionately called 'Curbs' parted company with West Ham, a team he managed since 2006 today. Again, club's transfer policy played out Curbs.

The last straw came after the sale of defender Anton Ferdinand to Keano's Sunderland.

King Kev remains as odds-on favorite to follow the path of Curbishley, reportedly still in talks with Newcastle over his status. Going once...going twice...SOLD.

Suspect Alan Curbishley is being lined up to succeed Keegan at St. James' Park. Bet anyone?

Meanwhile, the shocking Robinho gaga is not being confined only to the Eastlands. Check out Malaysian Sports' Loose Cannon Robinho's spitting image.

Share the limelight they will, share the skills they will not! Not in zillion years.

Messiah No More

The Messiah is gone!
Was he or wasn't he? Newcastle, at time of posting is still silent on this breaking news.

Toon Army's favorite son, Kevin Keegan is on his way out of St. James' Park, if media rumors are to be believed. Back from a 2 year self imposed hiatus from mainstream football, he guided Newcastle from the brink of collapse to Premiership survival aided by goals from another favorite , Michael Owen.

Keegan, hailed as men of principle by legion of Newcastle fans, is apparently at rift with owner, beer guzzler Mike Ashley and Director of Football, former bad boy Dennis "The Menace" Wise over club's transfer policy.

He lamented lack of money to buy new players and purchase of new players without his consultations as reasons to depart St. James' Park.

King Kev is immensely popular with the Toon Army, people will go berserk and riots are expected if he is truly gone.

Had we seen the back of King Kev?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Red Faced Blues

Finally, someone or somebody brave enough to shove it up Chelsea's ****.
Robinho signed for Manchester City!!!!!!

Who'd think of a such move on the transfer dateline? Certainly not Peter Kenyon.

OK, the Blues had pursued the Brazilian all summer long and the player himself did the unthinkable, calling his personal press conference to reiterate his desire to join compatriot Big Phil in London.
And Chelsea had the gall to sell replicas bearing his name! Gung ho? or plain stupid.
So Real was really angry, they have a score to settle it seems.
Tit for tat!

Chelsea forget about feisty Roman Calderon who snubbed the deal at last minute and instead sell Robinho to the other Blues, Manchester City which is now owned by some 'Pak Arabs' from Dubai.
These blokes are touted to be 10x richer than Roman, the Brazilian transfer fees is a drop in a vast ocean.
So Chelsea was left red faced! Padan muka!

And those replica jerseys? Ermm.....shove it up Chelsea's ****.