Saturday, December 19, 2009


Nothing is worse than get beaten by a last placed team, destined for Championship next season.
Buoyed by that plucky win over Wigan, thought we can just steamrolled Pompey. It wasn't to be though. The team sheet was not inspiring. Dossena, an Italian misfit as a wide player. How negative can Rafa be?

Rafa, for all widely reported tactical nous ought to be blamed here. His tactics were all negative.
How can you go to Pompey, still reeling with losses after losses with 2 holding players? For what?
4-4-2 should be an ideal idea to start the game with, to show your attacking intent, to win the game.
He started with Lucas, Mascha and defensive Dossena on wide left. Result? Not a single chance created for Torres. You do not win games without creating chances, do you?
We just do not have a single good wide players to rely on? Kuyt, still a headless chicken, is playing out of position for ages now. A good wide player in the mould of Valencia of Manure.
Riera? Too slow and injury prone. Johnson was anonymous, still feeling sentimental of his previous employer perhaps.

Aquaman, reportedly is injured again. What's the positive here?

None. That sums up our season, best forgotten.
Asking Rafa to leave would not the best decision either due to the club's thin coffer but the patience is certainly wearing thinner and thinner as the days go by.

I'm gasping for words but no one is bigger than the club. Rafa has to take the blame here. He is the manager and he dictates thing for the team and he failed big time, for the umpteenth time.

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Anonymous said...

Rafa is a dead man walking.

Listening to him is like listening to a six year old boy talking nonsesnse.