Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Really Bleak

My worst fears are confirmed. We are a club in crisis. 4 straight losses on the trot.

Brave souls out there, with MU game looming, tell me if we are not in a crisis.
With the squad depth stretched to the bare bones, once again the boys failed to rise to the occasion. SG could be out injured again being subbed so early.Aquilani remain crocked and nobody knows about Torres.
The fringe players are simply not good enough. Nuff said.

I'm not one to blame Rafa given his predicament with the injuries situation but lack of belief and more worryingly lack of talent in the squad has to be addressed. We need to move on from this quagmire soonest possible. To secure 4th position in the league, to progress further in the Champions League.
Forget EPL title, honestly at the rate we are going now, 4th spot too has to be contested, It's no longer our divine right, ManC, Aston Villa and Spurs are capable of being a snatch theft!!!

This is not a good week for us. Calls for Rafa's head won't help but clearly somebody has to go.

I would gladly ask for Lucas' head rather.


Khan said...

At least you are not jumping on the bandwagon calling for Rafa's head to stumble.

Kelly was awesome,don't you think?

Ron said...

Bro, be realistic and accept the fact that rafa is the problem. He bought lucas and he played him..Be brave,bro.

kajang-today said...

khan, yes, that boy was my MOTM..if only Ngog struck cleanly from his cross, we'd be away. Aurelio's header too.
Ron, guess he had no choice but to field him as Aquaman is still injured. Spearing is too novice to shoulder a huge responsibility.
He bought Lucas as the chap was Brazil youth captain and traditionally destined for greatness...unfortunately he is destined for the scrapheaps.

Clear out sale expected coming Jan...if only we would find unwary buyers