Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heroes and Villains Part 3

Not throwing the towel just yet. I know, it's catastrophic.

Villa did not deserve to win but hey...we did not either. Playing against a parked bus, why Johnson and Insua were not used extensively. They keep on probing through the middle as if Villa will open the floodgates. Not many days ago, Stoke was thumped right on cue...and the key was the width.
Suddenly they forgot to how to unlock a miserly defense.

And Lucas? Not worth mentioning his name here. Babel and Voronin? They're wasting my typing energy. We're too predictable...it's becoming a cliche now that if Torres and Gerrard fail, the whole team fail too. We're too thin on supporting act and Aquilani is still on treatment table.

Boys, better buck up...if not, please forget about the title. We're losing ground.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Spur

We ended last season with a bang, matching Manure stride for stride until the very last moment when the lead became unassailable.

Fast forward to this season, and we started with a whimper. A friend confided in me that he was so dejected that he felt like he's going to watch porn movie instead. You know the usual stuff everytime we are winning, going to mamak shop after each game, wearing the jersey. But it wasn't to be and Spurs deserved to win. Not because they're good but we are bad.

Like many of you, I'm not sure why Babel is still wearing the famous red. Voronin too. Not forgetting the Brazilian maestro in Lucas. These trio played like shit and Rafa still believes in them?
For me, it's simple, these 3 are sub standard players and ought to be sold before they create further damage to the title hopes, or whatever is left.

Last season, we only lost 2 and failed to wrest the league. What about this season? Lost another and can we say next year again? Hope not but the team better buck up!!!

Let's wait for Stoke then. I'm still pissed off. There goes my week. Aaarrghhh!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post Pre Season

Really, nothing to shout about. Pre season games were somewhat very, very low key.
Except for Singapore which was blown apart, Liverpool generally were poor throughout the fixtures arranged to prepare for the long, arduous season ahead.

People come, people go. From the original squad which defeated Milan last 4 years in Istanbul, only SG and Carra are still donning the famous Liverbird sign on their chest. The last to leave was master passer, Alonso. He has become a "white", a Los Blancos.
In come Glen Johnson and Aquilani.

Glen looked solid thus far, comfortable in either flanks. Aquilani, another handsome looking Italian, however is still recuperating. Having not followed Serie A religiously, I'm not well placed to put a comment but on the evidence that I have seen, rather by chance, he is quite handful for opposing defenders. He possesses silky skills and quite masterful at passing the ball. Forward that is, not sideways.

Apart from these 2, Rafa has not enlightened us by some big name signing ala Villa and Silva as initially rumoured. Voronin has returned from his sojourn in Germany, Lucas is still making mockery of himself and Babel remains a poor, weak player.

So what to expect? We finished last season quite strongly and had it not for some drawn home games, we would be still enjoying our bragging rights even until today I presumed. But it was not to be, we are still in the doldrums yet feeling proud of the boys' achievement and looking forward to the new season.

Who cares about pre season anyway? It's artificial. Come Saturday, Spurs will be the 1st kill.
At their home turf.