Saturday, May 23, 2009


One of those sickening games

So they said tables don't lie.
Yeah..we only lost 2 matches all season, both away at Spurs and Boro. Not a single defeat at home, yet we are only 2nd below MU which lost 4 games all season. How cruel?

Reason- we drew too many matches at home. Okay, no point crying now. It's done and dusted.
I know many of you put up a brave face saying next season gonna be ours but deep down everybody knows, it's the closest title race in recent times for LFC.
This is Rafa's best season ever. We were very close and had luck favoured us in those games, we could have nicked it and gloating like hell by now.

I could imagine the euphoria in printing media, UK, Malaysia and all over the world screaming The Reds are Champions again. It wasn't to be though.

What if Rafa bought a striker in January as cover for FT? What if the dynamic duo were not injured during those crucial times? What if Robbie Keane did not come to Anfield?
So many what ifs?

I'm not a hypocrite....I'm heartbroken despite my brave face.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Over, Not Over and Mat Over

Blame it on Keane?

Ohhh how I hate to say this....the title race could be over by tonight when MU take on Arsene's Arsenal. See, the Devils only need a point from 2 games. Under performing Arsenal tonight and self destruct Hull next week. Mmmm, the odds is not encouraging for me to take a bet against the bookmakers.

Okay, we could have been champions by now if not for those draws at home. No point crying over a spilt milk. It's done and dusted.
I'm not accepting defeat but the reality is we need Manure to lose 2 games on the trot. Fat chance huh? So, is it still not over?

Think, the season is best forgotten and look forward to next season in black. Rafa learnt his lesson, the players too. So did we, not to count the chicken first.

Anyhow, Mat Over is and was never my favorite comedian. He's so over, what else.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hammers Nailed

Brilliant save but not quiet brilliant enough

It was a late match but worth the wait. Every single minute of it.

Stevie G was rampant but for me, MOTM was Javier Mascherano. In the absence of Alonso, he held the fort brilliantly. Sliced Boa Morte's legs into two and in the ensuing foray, we won a penalty courtesy of who else but Boa Morte!!!! How cruel. The ref failed to award a freekick but was spot on when Torres' shirt was pulled by the Portuguese.
Zola, understandably was livid on the touchline, his facial expression sometimes matching those who just lost millions in Las Vegas. I presume , having religiously watched Gil Grissom every week. I've never been to Vegas of course. Rather, I'd go to Anfield.

Thought, last night was a perfect example of a controlled performance. Not too gung ho, simple yet effective. Counter attacking at its best. The partnership between Stevie G and Torres for the opening goal was simply, brilliant. Too bad, they were not destined to play together more this season, injuries to either one denying us the chance to watch them wreaking havoc to opposing teams.

We did our homework, let's hope the poor sibling Man City can do their job.
Or is it too late now?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oven Hot Owen

Who's that?

No, it's not super hot performance by Owen. In fact, he only came on for the last 10 minutes or so, when the game was already won by Liverpool.
Even his former striking partner circa 2000 dropped him to the subs bench. That speaks volume for the current Michael Owen. I know some people are still rooting for him to return to Mersey one day ala Fowler. Personally, he is over the hill, I think and has no place in the Reds squad.

Owen is definitely feeling the heat as Newcastle seemingly nosedived to the Championship. I was spot on when predicting that there will be annihilation of the Toons. The game was so boring that Newcastle offered very little except for the 1st 10 minutes. It's like a shooting gallery for every Liverpool players, Mascherano included. They were very, very poor.

There were few significant moments in that match. Gerrard, a bit rusty after a long layoff failed to convert many chances that came his way though one effort near the end was worthy of being "Goal of the Month" candidate.
Alonso smacked the bar twice, Kuyt after missing an open goal, dived bravely to score the 2nd goal while Lucas finally broke the duck in the Premiership after 2 years in the squad.

Though Lucas could be my man of the match after his 'priceless' scoring exploits, think the one who deserved more is the goalpost. It saved Newcastle on 3 separate occasions saving the Toon from a bigger defeat.

Joey Barton? He's more at home in the county jail.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Curse of Anfield

the new away kit

I pity and hate Michael Owen. Pity him because the state Newcastle are in now, hate him because he left Liverpool in a lurch, lured by the shining lights of Madrid.

No one leaves Liverpool and turned into a megastar. Rushie left for Juve and flopped. Owen followed suit undeterred by Rushie's bad experience yet failed to hold a regular place amidst the 'Galacticos'.
One difference is that Rushie came back to his roots, Owen did not. He chose Newcastle instead.
Rushie was accepted back and cemented his status as legend but sadly Owen never recovered his form when he as a 18 year old burst into the limelight, bamboozling the entire Argentinian defense in 1998 WC. In a way he was cursed by us, the Anfield faithfuls.

Tomorrow, Owen will star for his new team. Will the Koppites cheer for him? No way Jose, he will be treated like any other opponent, no quarters asked, no quarters given.
Think Newcastle will be playing Championship football next season and Owen will leave in the summer. Any suitors? Everton are touted to get his signature to beef up their attack but do we care? Not one bit.

Owen is history, he'll never recapture those glory days with weakening knees, ankle,shin and metatarsal.

And tomorrow, Anfield would be witness to another annihilation of Newcastle, Owen included.
That's another step closer to the Championship. Pity him....